2/2010 - Medienethik

MLC2010 - Media Literacy Conference

AutorIn: Jennifer Berger

Media Literacy Conference 2010 in London

The MEDIA LITERACY CONFERENCE will be a major gathering for all teachers, teacher trainers, researchers, policy-makers and media professionals interested in teaching and learning about the media. It is jointly organised by the Media Education Association and the Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media at the Institute of Education, London, in partnership with Ofcom.

Bringing together practitioners in all levels of the 3-19 education system with researchers in the fields of education, literacy and media technologies, the Conference will provide a unique opportunity to share information, evidence and ideas about media teaching and learning at different age-levels. There will be an ‘academic’ strand of papers and debate, and a ‘CPD’ strand of workshops, as well as major keynote speakers and discussion panels. An exhibition of resources, hardware and software from educational publishers, media industries and other service providers will provide information on new ways to support learning and teaching about the media.



media, literacy, conference london